Top Forex Signals Providers

Forex SignalsForex Trading Signals are considered to be an important aspect when it comes to currency trading. It provides one with real strategies and refines one’s trading skills. Lately, large numbers of people have resorted to the signals because it helps one to make profits in the due course of time. With the popularity of signals, a large number of signal providers have mushroomed lately offering the best service and great returns on one’s investment in the market.

Here in this blog, we offer you a list of Top Forex Signals Providers that can help you trade in the currency market successfully and make a stable career. The signal providers mentioned over here are rated best in the industry that can not only secure your position in the FX market but would go a long way in enhancing your trade skills.

Top 3 Forex Signals Providers: Brief Overview

These signal providers would unleash the secrets of Forex trading and help you make profitable returns on your investment. A brief overview of the top providers is illustrated under the following headings below:

  1. It is one of the most sought after signal providers in the market with 80-90 percent accuracy. It sends daily recommendations through text messages and emails on a daily basis. The signals are completely mechanical and the provider makes use of many tools like volume indicator, resistance study to generate alerts. The signals cover the popular currency pairs like GBP/USD, USD/CHF and EUR/USD. The provider offers a 30 days money back guarantee program if you are not satisfied with the overall service. The other features of the provider include 1600 pips monthly and precise entry as well as exit points. The signals are tested mathematically and it is the only provider that offers real-time indicators for Forex trading.
  2. If you are looking for a signal provider with honest and clean records, this is one of the best in the industry. It is a real-time FX signal provider that sends signals and other market alerts directly into your MetaTrader trade platform throughout the business days. You need not have to do your trades manually nor will you have to wait for the emails or text messages to arrive. It has an up to date FX trading records and offers honest trade results. Live trade results are shown through MyFXbook and MT4 iLive. The company is extremely strict when it comes to managing risks and the trade account is hosted on a reliable server. It just takes $1,000 to have in one’s trade account to access the services of this signal provider.
  3. It makes use of sophisticated methods to provide the best signals and alerts related to Forex trading. With a minimum amount of $100 in one’s trading account, one can avail the services of this signal provider. It trades for brokers, big corporations and money managers all around the world. The signals will be directly delivered to you via SMS or email and also to its Auto Copier Signal trading platform. It makes use of breakouts, supply & demand and customised Elliot Wave to provide the best signals to the individual customer. Some of the other features include real-time FX signals, 24 hours customer support and concise info on every type of Forex signals like opening and closing. The average stop loss is 15-20 pips and the provider takes profit from 20-60 points. It has a dedicated team of qualified professionals who have traded in the Forex for many years.

Guidelines For You to Select Top Forex Signal Providers

There is no denying the fact that the market is flooded with numerous FX signal providers but it is important you must be able to select the best one out of them. If you are confused which signal provider to choose, you should follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • Background: The signal provider must be having a decent background with a great reputation and market ratings. You need to stick with the industry experts that can guide you about FX signals and offer guidance and other assistance regarding trade from time to time.
  • Research: You need to do some background checking on the Forex signal provider to know more about them. Try to search for info like year of foundation, success stories etc. Read the reviews of other traders and find out if there are any complaints from any prospective customer or not.
  • Trial: There are many signal providers who offer free trails before you sign up for their service. You should search for such kind of provider and you need to sample the signals for the overall credibility and reliability. This would help you in assessing the services of the signal provider.
  • Services: The signal provider must be having a dedicated support like an email, live chat, telephone calling etc so that you can contact the professionals any time. Anyone who is into FX trading for the first time should ensure that their signal provider is able to provide quality customer service to them.
  • Demo Account: These days a large number of provider offer a free account to provide the customer with firsthand experience about their services. You need to sign up for the demo account and once you are satisfied you are advised to go ahead and open a live account with the signal provider concerned.
  • Stability: You need to ensure that the software used by the provider for sending signals is financially stable in nature. It must have an inbuilt money management tool that can control you the level of spending when you do FX trading online.

6 Important Tips before You Use Forex Signals for Trading

  1. It is a very good way for anyone who is new to online trading to initiate their career in the FX market. You will get firsthand experience on taking market positions on the live trading account. It is imperative that you must have a Forex trading demo account so that you can use the trading platform of the individual broker and practice trading. This can eventually add to your profits in the long format of the game.
  2. As a trader, you can get to know about the complex working of the currency trade market. The broker you choose must send important trade strategies, thoughts behind some important trading through their blog or send emails. In this way, you will get access to a great deal of information and help you know about the market.
  3. There is no death of top Forex signal providers in the market and you need to do proper research before you select the one for yourself. You need to do some background check of the provider concerned and find out since when it is in this Forex business. Read the reviews and feedbacks of customers concerned and it will help you in getting an all-round picture of the signal provider.
  4. Since all the information related to Forex trading will be sent through email either daily or weekly. So it is important that you must have a decent PC or laptop with a good internet connection that you are able to access the information easily. It would be worthwhile to buy a decent smartphone so that you can receive alerts about market even when you are travelling.
  5. You will be receiving Forex signals every now and then on your computer or on your smartphone. If you want to get the maximum profit it is imperative that you must act on those signals immediately after receiving them. In this way, you would be in a better position as compared to other traders who takes a lot of time to respond to FX signals.
  6. It is imperative that you must be disciplined in your trading approach and you should have a proper planning. Most traders fail because they lack discipline or resort to overtrading beyond their capabilities. You need to be calm and should learn the mental aspects of trading by following a set of rules and by not deviating from the same.


A good signal provider can go a long way in helping you reach the professional gamut that you have yearned for since a long time. It is a very important asset for anyone who is starting FX trading as a newbie or does not have a lot of experience in currency trading. You can subscribe to any of the top Forex signal providers mentioned above and open a demo account. Once you are satisfied with their overall service, you can go ahead and open a live trading account. You will be able to make informed trade decisions and make great profits in return. At the same time, these providers will provide you with a full proof strategy to move into the right direction in the market. You will get access to a cutting edge technology and great customer service. So what are you waiting for? Sign up with any of the aforementioned Top Forex Signal Providers and give a financial edge to your career in the FX market, today!

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