Top ECN Forex Brokers

ECN Forex BrokersECN Forex is indeed the future of online trading because not only does it offer great returns on investment but it provides a steady financial career to the individual concerned. It has evolved with the advent of computer and access to the internet world. This particular system establishes a connection with the brokers and traders across different venues and hence, the need for a middle person is eliminated.

When you trade with the top ECN Forex brokers, you get access to multiple liquidities in the market and get a chance to trade with the best trading platform. This type of broker has got direct contact with the retail as well as institutional traders. You will be able to enter in a bid offering tight spread and more liquidity. The best thing about these merchants is the fact that you will be able to make the market on your own. So sign up with any of the agents mentioned on this page if you are searching for a true ECN Forex Broker.

What is an ECN Forex Broker?

These type of merchants does not offer any kind of dealing desk to the trader concerned. Rather they offer a computerised environment where one can place trades. The individual concerned will be able to get better spreads and bids in return and access to high liquidity in the market. Spreads generally start from 0.5 pips and it depends upon the currency pair. They are one of the most sought after brokers in the market because of the ask for the low commission on trades. They are the market makers where you can trade electronically online and reap great benefits in return.

Top 3 ECN Forex Brokers: Brief Overview

Finding the best ECN Forex can be a herculean task because the market is pretty unregulated all the time. Lately, a large number of these brokers have mushroomed that has made selection a difficult choice for the individual concerned. If you are looking for this type of broker, your search ends here. Over here, we provide a list of the best rated ECN brokers in the Forex market that offers great liquidity, tight spreads and faster trade execution. You can open a trading account with any of the merchants mentioned below and start a rewarding career. A brief overview of the different brokers is illustrated under the following headings below:

  • ThinkForex: It is a fully regulated brokerage firm that was established in 2010 with headquarters at New Zealand. The user concerned will get access to a sophisticated trading platform and other benefits like multiple funding option, unrivalled trade execution and low-cost trading. It has myriad asset index and one can trade across 37 different types of currency pairs with a combination of no-dealing desk and ultra low spreads.
  • BelforFx: It is one of the top 10 Forex brokers in the world with headquarters based in London and regulated by FSP in New Zealand. It offers leverage up to 400:1 and spreads start at 3 pips. You will have the option to trade across more than 200 different financial instruments like precious metals, oils, CFD, equities and currency pairs. It offers 3 different types of trading platform and one can open a demo account with this broker also.
  • HotForex: The broker was founded in 2009 and it is regulated by CySec and FSC with company headquarters based in Port Louis in Mauritius. Language support is available in Arabic, French, German, Italian and Spanish apart from English. It offers multiple trading platforms with any option to trade market through smartphones as well. There are more than 70 different types of assets one can trade across and the minimum deposit is just $5.

Features of ECN Forex Brokers

This is a special class of brokerage firms that offers a great platform for interaction between a client and a broker on an individual level. They offer a special marketplace allowing different traders to participate simultaneously. You will be able to get the best exposure you need in the financial market. Some of the different features and other benefits offered by the ECN Forex Brokers are discussed under the following headings below:

  • Anonymity: These brokers make use of anonymous transactions when it comes to buying and selling off assets. As a result, of which your trading account and financial instruments are not shared with any other 3rd person outside and it cannot be traced at the same time. Hence, it is great for anyone who is looking for privacy in their Forex trading.
  • Market Maker: With this particular broker type you will be able to become your own market maker. You will be able to make or create a market on your own and place trade orders between the ask spreads and bids. It offers the client to bank trading and hence you will be able to trade using the prices that are streamlined by the leading Forex banks.
  • Trade Execution: These type of brokerage firms will be able to provide the most sophisticated and improved trade execution that you will not find anywhere else. No matter the market becomes volatile; you will be able to claim quick profits no matter you are short term trader or scalper.


If you are dreaming of making money in the online financial market, you should get access to the top ECN Forex brokers. They are rated best in the industry and known for great connectivity features and best trade executions. Besides, you will get access to a wealth of features that makes online trading absolutely hassle free in nature. These are the purest breed amongst all the different Forex dealers you would ever come across.

These merchants want their clients to win and hence, you will always have a cutting edge advantage over your competitors when choosing these brokers. Just open a trading account with any of the aforementioned Top ECN Forex Brokers and give a head start to your financial career in FX market today itself.

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