ThinkForex Demo Account

ThinkForex Demo Account

ThinkForex logoIt is good to note that you have decided to opt for the services of ThinkForex because it happens to be one of the top 10 Forex brokers in the industry at the moment. If you are looking for information about ThinkForex demo account, then this is the ideal place to get started with. This particular post will be of great help to you where you can find every detail you are searching for. So read along…

Account Size and Expiry Time

ThinkForex is a fully regulated Forex broker and rated one of the best in the industry. One of the best things that you will come across with this particular brokerage firm is “ThinkForex Demo Account”. This is a free account that offers you virtual money up to $50,000. This money is more than sufficient to practice trading and refine one’s skills before they jump into real trading. The account is valid for a time period of 30 days before it expires. So it is important that you practice as much as possible and leave no stone unturned so that you are confident when you are doing live trades. With this particular account type, you will be able to review all your trades and there will be a dedicated accounts manager that offers regular tips and other recommendations to enhance trading skills.

What is Forex? How to Trade Forex with ThinkForex?

Contact Customer Service to Activate Demo Account

It is nice to note that you could easily access ThinkForex Demo Account without taking any additional time. Once you deposit $250, which is the minimum money to start doing business with this broker, you would need to contact the customer support. The customer care executives will open a demo account in less than 12 hours without any kind of hassles. There are no risks involved and it is interesting to note that the deposit money of yours would not be used for the demo account. You can even withdraw the funds at any point of time if you are not interested in the trading platform of this particular broker.

ThinkForex Open Account Steps

Become an Experienced Trader

In order to learn more about the trading platform of ThinkForex, you need to open a demo account. In this way, you will be able to explore the trading features and get acquainted with the software. At the same time, you will become familiar with the different trading tools you can make use of and have a good birds eye view of everything. With regular practice, you will become experienced and you would be able to place trades confidently. You will also able to find out what mistakes you have made, able to review and correct the same so that you don’t repeat the same when you trade Forex live.


Demo trading is recommended for everyone who wishes to make a sound and profitable career out of Forex trading. This sort of account type really comes in handy because it prepares the individual concerned to deal with the complexities of the trading world and refine one’s skills and strategies. You need not have to worry any further because ThinkForex is always available for any kind of trade assistance you need. Just open a ThinkForex demo account after reading our comprehensive ThinkForex review and get access to a new world of FX trading that you have never witnessed before.

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