Plus500 Trading Platform

Plus 500 Trading Platform

Premium Plus500 PartnerPlus500 trading platform is known for being one of the best trading platforms in the CFD industry using which one can trade easily. As an individual trader, you can select across myriad financial instruments that include stocks, precious metals, CFDs etc. The broker is regulated by the FCA, ASIC and CySec which means that you will get the best service that you have anticipated for. All you need is to open a trading account by making an initial deposit of $100 in order to get started. Unlike any other kind of broker, Plus 500 offers its own individual in-house trading platform with three different versions namely downloadable, web-based and mobile trading.

Ease of Use and Interactive Features

Plus500 Trading PlatformPlus 500 Trading Platform is known for its highly intuitive graphical user interface which is ideally suited for anyone who is starting CFDs trading for the very first time. The website is clean with nice and easy navigation features. All the relevant information is clearly available with reliable trading options. Each and every part of the trade is clearly mentioned beside the asset in order to show the available possibilities. At the same time, there is also expiry time given under every financial instrument for the use of the trader concerned. Trade options with highest and lowest level of trading are clearly mentioned and there are no loopholes of any kind.

* Your capital is at risk.

Exclusively for Experienced Traders

In order to make CFDs trading far more easy and enjoyable, the Plus500 trading platform is equipped with innumerable features and trading tools. These are designed to provide valuable support to the experienced traders. It includes tools for risk management like for instance expiry time, trade control etc to assist an individual trader. Other features include technical analysis chart and trading guides. Once a given trade is closed, the reports are immediately published and it is extremely beneficial for the customer concerned to improve upon their weaker areas and refine their overall strategy.

Plus500 - Trade Online


Plus500 Commodities One need not have to install any other 3rd party software in order to access the broker’s platform. All that is required is a PC and a decent internet connection. If you want to access its mobile trading feature, it is imperative that you download and install its registered app from Google Play (Android OS) and iOS (iPhone).

If you want to learn more about the broker, you are recommended to read our exhaustive and comprehensive Plus 500 Forex Broker Review. You will be able to know its customer service, asset index.





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