Plus 500 Bonus

Plus 500 Bonus

Premium Plus500 PartnerThe first and the most important thing that any trader looks for before signing up with a CFD broker is the bonus amount they get after the first deposit. If you are one of those people who have the above ideology then there is nothing wrong in your approach. Every trader likes to get free money no matter how less it is. It helps one to get access to liquidity and help them in buying assets without a lot of hassles. The bonus amount is actually attractive that everyone wants to trade and it is getting popular in the CFDs market at the present time. For this important reason, Plus 500 bonus has attracted the limelight of prospective traders and other clients because you get access to a lot of money which in turn can help you place trades easily.

Different Types of Bonus Plans

Plus500 CommoditiesThis particular broker is offering two different types of bonus plans to all its registered customers. The first plan is one in which you get €25 after when you open a demo account with this merchant. A demo account is a free account where you can access the trading platform of the broker without incurring any kind of expenses. In order to claim the amount, one needs to register their cell phone number and verify the same. The other Plus500 bonus is where you get nice easy money depending upon the amount you deposit with the merchant. You get €30 as a bonus if you deposit €100 and if you deposit €10,000 you get €200 as a bonus (T&Cs apply).

* Your capital is at risk.

Rules and Regulations

Plus500 ForexYou should know that that Plus 500 bonus is one of the finest and attractive features offered by the broker for Forex trading. It is not any kind of limited offer but a permanent deal offered to every new customer who registers online.  The bonus amount is immediately credited to the account of the individual trader in less than 24 hours and one can withdraw as it pleases. One can withdraw the bonus money only when he/she reaches 60 TPoints (trader points). The bonus will expire in 3 months. Please kindly note that there is one bonus per household/IP address. If you happen to withdraw the money without satisfying the requisite eligibility criteria, the claim will be cancelled and no money will be credited to your bank account. So it is imperative that you must acquaint yourself with all the rules and regulations of the bonus policies to avoid unwanted hassles of any kind.

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In summary, we can say that Plus 500 Bonus plans are quite unique and offer a nice opportunity to make easy money. At the same time, the broker is very committed and always encourages the trader to access its rich education centre to learn the essence of Forex trading and become a successful trader. The bonus amount is offered to the customers with the objective that the traders will be able to focus on their performance and make correct predictions while placing trades. You are advised to open an account with the broker for a lucrative career in Forex trading. At the same time, you are also encouraged to read our comprehensive Plus 500 Forex broker review to know more about the broker.




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