Is Plus500 Safe?

Premium Plus500 PartnerWith the number of online scams on the rise lately, many traders are filled with trepidation when it comes to trade in the CFDs industry. The reason being they fear that they would land with an illegitimate broker that will run away with their hard earned money and leave them bit the dust. There are thousands of phoney brokerage firms out there but it should never deter your motivation and eagerness to trade online. If you want to enter a trade with Plus500 but unsure whether you should go ahead or not, then this is the best place where you can have all your doubts clarified. There are many stories and other rumour surrounding this particular brokerage firm like “Is Plus500 Safe” and “Should one open a trading account with Plus500 or not?“. By the end of this blog post, all your questions and other queries regarding this merchant will be clarified and you will be able to know for yourself whether to trade with this broker or ditch it.

Is Plus500 Safe?

Plus500 CommoditiesIt is one of the best known CFD brokers that have carved a niche for itself in the Forex market by hard work and offering the best trading features to individual customers. It is a regulated merchant and is governed by FCA, ASIC and CySec. At the same time, it is listed on the AIM section of LSE (London Stock Exchange) which clearly signifies that it is a reliable broker and not some phoney agency. It is safe to assume that it is 99% trustworthy and traders will have a great time exploring its trade platform and get good returns on their trades. Moreover, it is not possible for any agency to scam people when it is a public listed company.

* Your capital is at risk.

Reviews and Testimonials

It is important to note that Plus500 has never embroiled itself in any kind of scandal or money laundering cases. It is a clean broker with a good background. Thousands of traders have had invested money with this broker and it has good nice industry ratings. At the same time, it has received favourable reviews and feedback from individual customers and other potential clients who speak highly about this brokerage firm. There have been no complaints in the past and the broker has always tried to resolve the queries and other problems of the trader. This shows that this merchant is committed and has a deep concern for its customers.

Join Plus500 for a Trustworthy CFD Trading Experience

Is Plus500 safe? The answer to the question is a big Yes! It is not a scam company and it has been able to maintain a credible and transparent reputation in the industry since its inception. It provides ample information about its headquarters and other offices which clearly signifies that it is a legitimate company. In the past, the broker has received numerous awards and won accolades from several traders in the industry which clearly vouch for its overall credentials. This merchant has got years of experience in the CFDs market and hence it is able to deliver one of the best trading experiences you will not find anywhere else. On the whole, it is reliable, safe and a trustworthy broker that caters to every needs and demand of the individual trader. You can open a trading account with Plus500 without any hassles and start experiencing a new world of online trading.

In the event if you are not satisfied with the answer to “Is Plus500 Safe?” question and why it should be your best choice when it comes to selecting a top broker, you are recommended to read our extensive Plus500 Review.



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