Is IronFX a Scam?

Is IronFX a Fraud?

IronFX reviewScam” is a word which is used to describe an unscrupulous activity in which someone tried to steal away your hard earned money. With the increasing usage of internet, these types of fraudulent activities are on the rise and malpractices are now taking place in the Forex industry as well. There are instances when the broker concerned has run away with all the money and the trader has nothing else to do rather than gape and wonder. But it is important to understand that there is a thin line of difference between a scam and problem. If you are having some sort of troubles with your Forex transactions but as long as they are solved satisfactorily, you cannot rule them as a scam. It is no different with the Forex brokers as none of their website is error free. There are many new traders who ask “Is IronFx a Scam?” and through this blog post, we have tried to answer this very question.

Good Reputation in FX Market

IronFX was founded in the year 2010 and with half a decade of unblemished service, it has made a mark amongst traders in the Forex industry. It is important to understand that no fraudulent service can service that long in the financial industry such as Forex. Since the barriers to entry are low, even counting in the regulations, new FX brokers enter the market on a daily basis and try to shake things up by creating insane pressure on the existing players. It is not reasonable to expect that if IronFx was a scam, it would not be able to survive this long in the business. It would be eventually known as a fraudulent broker and we are happy to confirm that IronFx is a good merchant and is not any kind of fishy company.

Legitimate Organisation with No Phoney Business

We receive constant enquiries from traders if IronFx a scam or not and we could only say that we have never experienced any kind of fraudulent business with this firm since its inception in 2010. But we can say that this website has some minor problems from time to time which should not be considered to be the scam. As a trader, you should not associate those problems with scams else you will never find a merchant or a brokerage firm with whom you could be totally happy with. Since when the broker has come into business there has been little to no complaints from traders which confirms that it provides very good service. Their website is constantly backed up with outstanding customer service which one can easily access through email or telephone. At the same time, the broker offers you access to the demo account so that you can familiarise yourself with the trading platform. If IronFx had been a scam merchant, you could not have access to the aforementioned features.

IronFX Features


By now you might have got the answer to your question – “Is IronFX a Scam?” We are a committed website who keep monitoring the Forex market for any kind of scams and highlight those brokers who are indulged in some sort of malpractice trading and make our readers vigilant of those merchants. But IronFx is a really good brokerage firm and has been offering state of the art service and other features to new as well as skilled brokers. It is interesting to note that IronFx is extremely popular amongst traders these days because of its flexible withdrawal options. They are indeed one of the best brokers to start trading in the Forex market. If you still have any doubts, you can read our comprehensive IronFX Review to learn more about this organisation and how it operates in the FX market.

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