Is InstaForex Regulated?

If you are wondering if InstaForex is regulated by some agency or not, then you should know that it is not a regulated broker. However, this should not be a cause of disappointment and you should not presume that it is a fraudulent merchant. As a matter of fact, it is a renowned brokerage firm that has carved a niche for itself for its dedication to service and offering the most innovative trading platform to its customers concerned.

It is constantly ranked as one of the top 10 brokers in the Forex market and is extremely popular among the newbie traders. Since its inception, it has been able to maintain a high standard for itself and has been rising from strength to strength through all these years. It is quite natural that the integrity of the broker comes under serious questioning when it is not regulated.

But you should understand that it is not a scam company and you are dealing with a versatile broker. However, InstaForex has applied for regulation and soon we can see the broker being regulated by agencies like CySec, FCA and ASIC. InstaForex accepts most of the popular payment methods which are; Bank Wire, Neteller, Skrill, Credit Cards.

InstaForex Offers High Spreads with No Leverage Restrictions

Although InstaForex was founded way back in 2007 many people still wonder why it was not regulated all these years. You should understand that there are certain things that are meant to stay simple. The broker has chosen to remain this status to remain unregulated so that it can offer greater trading experience to its customer concerned. The reason being that regulated brokers have to undergo strict leverage restrictions and as a result of which individual traders are not able to enjoy greater returns on their investment.

The brokers who are regulated often provide low spreads but InstaForex is free to offer the highest level of spreads so that its customers are able to enjoy the better trading environment and enjoy their stay in the FX market. So instead of worrying over the question “Is InstaForex Regulated or Not”, you should try to see the overall picture that there is every chance of making great returns on investment while trading with this broker.


Being a non-regulated broker, InstaForex enjoys the freedom of accepting traders from all around the globe. Regulated brokers do not have this luxury because the rules of regulation are very strict in certain nations like for instance USA and the UK. Hence, with InstaForex not being regulated comes with great advantage to individual traders from these countries because there is no limit on online trading and they get a nice opportunity to trade across different financial instruments like Forex, commodities, equities and CFDs. Such kind of thing is not possible if one is dealing with a regulated broker.

Your main focus should not be signing up with a regulated broker but to analyse things like spreads, features, signals etc before your choose your ideal merchant. Our team has checked the reliability of InstaForex and we have not found any kind of scam or fraudulent activity. Is InstaForex Regulated? Our answer is no but we recommend you to open a trading account because of the great returns on investment and for a steady career in FX world. You can read our comprehensive InstaForex review to learn more about the broker.



  1. Hi all
    FPA called scam instaforex and it shows that they had some big problems
    But I had a little account with them and I didn’t have any problem.

  2. A lot of clients complain against Instaforex in numerous websites. It is very dangerous to deduct profit against bonuses on their discretion. They have right to eliminate bonus from profit, but not profit. It is hard earning of Investors. Here earning is very difficult. InstaForex should respect the endeavor, dedication, hard work of investors and today they should amend the rule not to seize the profit against bonus. Some renowned brokers has no records of deducting this profit. But instaForex did this according to the client’s complaint. I am a client of instaForex and till now everything is okay to me. But I am disappointed regarding such objections.


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