Is InstaForex a Scam?

Is InstaForex a Fraud?

Do you want to know “Is InstaForex Scam?” Are you concerned about the fact whether it is a legitimate Forex broker or not? We can assure you that it is a perfectly reliable  and good broker which has got the license from several regulatory bodies like for instance RAFMM and The Federal Financial Markets Service. You need not have to worry about the authenticity of this brokerage firm because it is regarded as one of the finest merchants in the financial market with a wide customer base in major countries of the world. To the best of our knowledge, we confirm that the website of the broker is completely genuine and it is known for hassle free payments and withdrawals with amazing bonus and special promotions from time to time. If you search for the facilities, benefits and features of other reputed FX brokers, they will be similar to the features offered by InstaForex.

Fair Business Policy with Clean History

The rumours surrounding the broker like “Is InstaForex Scam” have not been confirmed by us. We have dug deep and found that there are no complaints or any negative feedbacks from any prospective client who has had business with this merchant. This is one of the most important reasons we recommend you to opt for InstaForex without any kind of second thoughts in your mind. As a top-notch Forex broker information website, we have been growing our list and have been constantly filtering out the scam brokers. We only list those brokerage firms that have a fair business with exceptionally good features and InstaForex is one of them. This broker is also known for its extensive educational support program where one can nurture their trading skills and emerge out as a successful trader.

Is InstaForex a Scam?

As we have pointed out earlier in this particular blog post that one should not worry about the legality and authenticity of InstaForex. Our experts have scanned the internet search engine to look for any kind of negative reviews or complaints pertaining to this broker. The good news is that we could not find anything substantial that can be used against this merchant. There is no single evidence available online that alleges the fraudulent activities of this firm. Rather we found myriad customer reviews where traders have immensely praised about the top notch service provided by InstaForex. Therefore, we are pretty convinced that it is a genuine Forex broker and you can go ahead and do business with this firm without any fear or qualms.


Is InstaForex Scam? It is certainly not! It is a credible merchant that has been in business since 2007 with a wide customer base. The payment service is pretty expedited where deposits are acknowledged immediately and withdrawals are processed in 3-5 business days. The trading platform is also sophisticated yet simple offering the best interface to the newbie traders. If we ever come across any kind of scam or illegal activities where this broker is involved, we would inform our readers in advance. Till then you are free to open a trading account with the merchant and go ahead for a lucrative career in Forex trading. In the meantime, you can read our in-depth InstaForex Review to know more about this brokerage firm.



  1. insta forex is big scam.

    • Thanks a lot for your contribution but could you please kindly be specific regarding your scam experience with InstaForex? Because we did not receive any scam alert about InstaForex up-to now.

  2. insta forex is really scam and also its scam another contest in that website they support and pay prizxe 500 dollars every week I win this prize open a account and send them to credited prize but after 3 days a reply from web site that antifraud is decline the prize because they find some suspacious in my account , That is so funny and stupid thing they do in account that i never invest or do trade they find some thing. What a shameless company and their antifraud department that do that thing .This web site is scam and prize scam insta forex scam that is in 1st position on that site. Scam peoples do this please please please do not trust them, soon they are become defaulter and scam, safe your money and leave that broker and choose some other good broker,. Never invest them or their contest and their any thing because they are leir, scamer, fraud peoples. They theft your money and neve back you that money. 8695302 my account that open only and verified and they find some wrong in that. so funny thing scamer and scam their rating web site

    • Thanks a lot for your contribution but as far as I understand, scammer site does not belong to InstaForex. So please make it clear with them. InstaForex should not be held responsible for the individual site campaigns.


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