Is InstaForex a Good Broker?

When you get online you might come across hundreds of different Forex brokers who are willing to offer their expert service in trading. But you should understand that not all of them are genuine and there are some merchants who are in the business of deceiving innocent traders by enticing them in their illegitimate get-quick-rich scheme. Many people succumb to those brokerage firms and as a result of which they have to incur a lot of hardships and other financial troubles. These fraudulent brokers manipulate innocent souls into the depositing large amount of money with false claims that they will get rich in a short period of time. As soon as you deposit cash with those brokers, all your calls and emails are unanswered and you say goodbye to your hard earned money. If you are wondering if InstaForex is a legitimate broker or not, then this blog post is meant for you. Read further and you will know for yourself whether to trade or discard the services of this merchant.

Should One Trade with InstaForex or Not?

Is InstaForex a Good Broker? This is an understandable enquiry keeping in view of the latest scams taking place in the Forex industry lately. After careful inspection of its site and services for quite sometimes, we have come to the verdict that it is a perfect reliable broker and not some kind of phony brokerage firm. In fact it earns a lot of respect in the UK and European Market and it has been a recipient of several Forex awards for its esteemed service in the financial industry. There are no InstaForex complaints or rumours which attributes the fact it is a trustworthy merchant which enjoys a good customer base amongst its traders. At the same time it is regulated by RAFMM and Federal Financial Market Service which are known as reputable regulatory bodies. If InstaForex has been a scam company, it would not have earned regulation rights by the aforementioned bodies.

Dedicated Service and State of the Art Features

At, we maintain a very strong policy of protecting consumers by featuring only those brokers who are rated very well in the industry. We have written an extensive InstaForex Review about this broker and it has been undertaken as a part of our commitment to offering traders with reliable FX brokerage firms. Every since we have added InstaForex into our elite list of brokers, we have never heard any negative feedbacks, comments, misconduct, scandal or any kind of dispute by customers concerned. InstaForex takes great pride in ensuring a secure trading platform to its traders which are brimming with sophisticated technology and other latest features. In addition, to the above, customer support is also very nice with a pool of skilled representatives who are one step ahead in resolving queries. All these things clearly show the dedication this broker is having towards its business and it answers your question – Is InstaForex a Good Broker or not!

Final Verdict

By now you must have got an answer to your question “Is InstaForex a Good Broker?” The broker prides itself on its transparency and integrity and strives hard in offering the best environment for its customers to trade Forex. It has an expedite withdrawal option where all the transactions are settled in 3-5 business days. It has offices all over the globe with headquarters based in Russia. Had this been a fraudulent company, it will never have so many branches across the globe. If you want to settle for a broker that offers high-quality services with an integrated system, there can’t be a better choice than InstaForex. You can read the in-depth review on InstaForex to learn more about this merchant and its features for online Forex trading.


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