Is IC Markets a Good Broker?

The market is buzzing with hundreds of different types of financial brokers offering their expertise and trading guidance for investing money in Forex. IC Markets is one such brokerage firm that promises to give good returns on investment and offers a stable career in FX industry. But in the recent times there has been a wave of confusion and concern online regarding the overall authenticity of this particular merchant. Many people consider it to be a scam agency which is unfit for trading and other talk about its beguile nature to rob traders and run away with their money. With so much of confusion prevailing, it is natural that anyone would have doubts in their mind whether to approach this particular broker or not. Is IC Markets a good broker and will your funds be safe with this particular agency? We have tried to answer this question and you are suggested to read below to settle your anxiousness about this particular merchant.

Is IC Markets a Good Broker?

In order to know more about this particular brokerage firm, we decided to open a trading account to explore further. We were impressed to find that this merchant handpicks the best liquidity from the market and other available technology to bestow the best returns to its individual customers. It has a nice trading platform which is based on MT4 supporting both Windows as well as Mac based system. The trading is also available on mobile as well as tablet devices. It has a rich interface and people who are new to Forex trading would not have any problems. It offers 40 different types of currency pairs with rich diversity of different financial instruments as a part of its asset index. Payouts are nice and you can expect to get maximum of 70% return on your investments. At the same time it has a dedicated customer service and we were taken aback by the response time of the professionals working at IC Markets.

Is It Legal to Trade with IC Markets

There are many people who would consider calling this merchant a scam and not recommend for Forex trading. The reason being they alone want to make profits from this particular brokerage firm and does not want other traders to join this merchant and start making money. It offers myriad features like good payment options, interactive trade platform and several bonus and other promotions that any reliable broker will offer to its customers. Its interface is highly intuitive and is ideal for both skilled as well as newbie traders. When you survey the internet and read the reviews of potential customers you will find all praise and no negative comments or complaints. This clearly establishes IC Markets in the elite group of top rated Forex brokers in industry.


Is IC Markets a good broker and should I open a trading account with them or not? You should definitely go ahead and start trading with this particular merchant without any kind of qualms. Just because some trader has incurred losses in the FX market and start blaming IC Markets does not mean that it is a scam company. You should try to avoid such remarks and read between the lines. It is indeed one of the top 10 Forex brokers in the market right now with great trade benefits. At the moment there are more than one million potential customers all around the world who are regularly trading with this particular merchant and there is no reason as to why you should not. Just calm down your nerves and open a trading account with IC Markets today itself.

If you are still unsatisfied with our overall feedback on this particular merchant, you are recommended to read our in-depth review of IC Markets Forex broker.



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