Is HotForex Safe?


Forex trading is undoubtedly one of the best ways to generate income and get rich in a reasonable period of time. The market is expanding and offers unlimited potential to every trader. To offer the best trading features to every person, lots of brokerage firms have mushroomed lately who are more than willing to offer their esteemed services to invest in the market. HotForex is one such broker that has been in the FX industry for quite a sometime. However recently there has been a lot of confusion and scandals that has been concocted about this merchant. Some traders are of the view that it is a scam merchant and it would run away with your money. While on the other hand there are people who believe that they were able to make a lot of money from this particular merchant.

Are you in a mayhem and wondering “Is HotForex Safe” and would it be wise to open a trading account with them or not? Here we have tried our level best to answer the aforementioned question and throw light on all the confusion and other distrust surround the broker. It is likely that by going through this particular post, all your doubts will be clarified and you would be able to know for yourself whether you should go with this merchant for a career in Forex trading or not.

Is HotForex Safe?

In order to dig deeper and to find out whether this particular is a legitimate one or not, the best thing would be to compare HotForex with other merchants in the industry. It is one of the top 10 brokers in the FX market at the present time and offers myriad tools for trading. At the same time it is regulated by agencies like for instance FCA, CySec and BAFIN which means it is reliable and it would never run away with your money. At the same time it offers a rich education centre through its innumerable journals, webinars etc from where individual traders can learn a great deal of stuff about FX market and how to trade wisely. The scandals surrounding the broker are absolutely fake and there is no authenticity in them. It has been offering a very good service since its inception and has never embroiled itself into any kind of illicit business.

HotForex Broker Reviews: Brief Summary

  • Rumors and other scams are false and are unjustified in nature
  • Regarded as one of the top 10 Forex brokers in financial market
  • Highly interactive trading platform ideal for newbie traders
  • Completely regulated and myriad trading assets and other trade tools
  • Offers 100% bonus on 1st deposit with maximum leverage of 1:1000

Final Verdict

On the whole, Easy Forex is a completely reliable and trustworthy broker that you are ever likely to find anywhere else. All the accusations and other scandals levied against them are completely false and do not have a sound base to it. Since its inception it has been growing from strength to strength because it offers myriad trading features. It has never embroiled itself into any kind of illegal activities and put the interests of its customers in jeopardy. You should definitely open a trading account with HotForex and commence investing in the financial market without any further thoughts.

If you are still unsatisfied and have unsettled questions in your mind like – “Is HotForex Safe”, then you need to read our comprehensive and deep review about HotForex. You will be able to find a detailed explanation about the trading aspects of this merchant and know for yourself whether it is a scam merchant or a reliable brokerage firm.


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