IronFX Review

IronFX at a glance:

Minimum Deposit: $50
Maximum Leverage: 1:500
Minimum Spread: 0 pips
Bonus: 100% Welcome Bonus
Demo Account: Yes
Mobile: Yes

IronFX Review

IronFX reviewIronFX is an award winning Forex broker which is regarded as a Global Leader in online trading. It is a dealing desk merchant which was founded in 2010. It has offices in major cities all around the world and it is regulated by a number of bodies like for instance FCA, ASIC, FSB, FSP, CRFIN and CySec. It boasts of 15 different types of trading platform and access to more than 200 different types of trading instruments in several assets category like stocks, futures and precious metals. It has a very large list of customer list from more than 180 different countries like Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. It has approximately 40 different offices and around 1200 employees in the brokerage firm and offers language support in 45 different types of languages. At present IronFX does not accept traders from USA.

IronFX is regarded as one of the most accomplishes trading firms in the financial market and has been constantly rated as one of the top 10 Forex brokers in the world. It has a customer-centric model through its trading platform and offers the best experience for the customer concerned. It offers a wide range of products, thereby adhering to the needs of every trader with features like high liquidity, trade execution and best pricing. It offers daily market news which keeps the client updated about the industry which in terms helps them in making better trade decisions. The broker has won numerous awards for offering the best trading services and other features to its traders. The trading platform is extremely intuitive and has been designed for both novices as well as skilled traders. With IronFX broker, all your trading needs will be catered under a single roof. Continue to read our IronFX review to learn more on this broker.

IronFX Forex Broker Reviews – Assets Index

Although it is a relatively new broker that has been working in the financial market for less than half a decade, it offers an exhaustive asset index. By registering with the merchant, you can have access to more than 200 different types of financial instruments. You will be able to place trade across Forex, CFD, precious metals, commodities and stocks. There is a wide range of products available and one never feels limited when it comes to trading in the Forex market. The asset index offered by IronFx is described under the following headings below:

  1. Forex: You can get access to the lowest available spreads in the market starting at just 0 pips. You will be able to trade with the most liquid assets through its bespoke trade platform. You can trade across 120 different types of currency pairs all 24 hours, 5 days a week. You can select your own leverage level that starts with 1:1 and can go as high as 1:500
  2. Spot Metals: As a trader, you can get access to the precious as well as base metals which are available at best spreads with spot execution without foreign exchange exposure. You will be able to diversify your trading skills by investing your money in metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum which in turn will help you emerge as a winner. The broker offers CFD’s on spot metals in both EUR as well as USD.
  3. Futures: You can easily broaden your trade horizon by investing your funds in myriad Futures offered by the broker. You can get access to myriad CFD’s like for instance energy products, oil, base metals, agricultural commodities, indices and equities. With the low margin requirements and commissions, you can maximize profits to a great deal.
  4. Shares: The broker offers unique trading capabilities to trade across myriad futures and stocks. As a trader, you can take advantage of the strong liquidity available in the market. You will get reliable execution that can help you place trades one of the most liquid shares in the world easily.

IronFX Portfolio Management

IronFX Forex Broker – Account Types Offered

In order to cater to the needs of traders coming from different walks of life, the broker offers different types of trading account. Account set up is really easy and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the sign-up procedure and jump to trade live. You can select the type of account based on your existing needs. The different types of account offered by IronFx are illustrated under the following headings below:

  • Micro Account: With 3 easy steps you can open this particular type of account and get access to a better trading environment with the best market spreads. The minimum deposit is just $500 and the account is available in 10 different types of base currencies like EUR, USD etc. As a trader, you will be able to trade in micro lots and there is a dedicated account manager available 24×7.
  • Premium Account: This is the second level of trading account offered by IronFx where you can get access to 15 different types of trading platform. You can open this particular account type by investing $2500. All the features offered in the Micro Account are covered and traders will be provided a dealing department hotline for transaction queries.
  • VIP Account: This is the highest level of account which is ideally suitable for the large corporations and investment banks. If you have money in your pocket and want the state of the art features, this is the best trading account available. Minimum deposit is $20,000 and account currency is available in US dollars. As a client, you can choose between fixed or variable spreads.

IronFX Trading Platform

In order to provide the best trading experience for its customer concerned, the broker offers a sophisticated trade platform which is practical, powerful yet simple to use. It has been designed keeping the novice traders in mind. You will be able to trade with the highest level of precision and without any kind of slippage. Some of the highlights of IronFX trading platform are discussed under the following headings:

  • PC and Mac: For the desktop and laptop models, the broker offers MT4 platform which is a standard trade platform. It comprises of all the important resources and other trading tools that helps one analyse the market easily and improve the overall performance. It is fully equipped with back office reporting and front end terminal functions. As a trader, you will be able to see trade orders and positions for online management. You will also be able to monitor prices with access to online news and activity reports. It supports all versions of Windows as well as Mac based operating system.
  • Mobile: It offers nonparallel trade executions as you will be able to monitor the market and make live trading from your mobile. It is suited for those people who cannot have a PC all the time with them. You can trade even when you are travelling and able to monitor the trading activities from anywhere in the world from your smartphone device like Blackberry and Android based devices. Just download the application on your mobile and you would be good to go.

IronFX Demo Account

Sometimes it is quite difficult to assess the credibility of the broker and people are uncomfortable making trade with the broker. The reason being no matter how sophisticated the merchant is, one sometimes find uncomfortable with the trading platform. For this very reason, IronFx offers a free demo account with a validity of 30 days. You will be offered virtual money and it can be used to practice trading in a real life like trade situation. It will harness one’s trade skills and it will help one to make better trade decisions. This particular account type will provide you with the perfect opportunity to develop new strategies and explore the different types of platforms. Open your Demo Account today itself and you can start exploring the features offered by this merchant.

IronFX Forex Broker – Trading Tools

In order to exploit the market for one’s advantages and get an edge over the competitors, the broker offers different types of trading tools. You can use them in your day to day usage and help to build your skills. Some of the different tools are discussed below:

  • Margin Calculator: It is a very good tool which you can use to find the margin level required to guarantee a trade position that you would like to open. It gives proper control of the market and help you make better trade decisions; whether the trade lot size should be reduced or increase the leverage for high return.
  • PIP Calculator: If you want to manage the trade risks in an efficient manner, then you should definitely use this tool. Knowledge of PIP value is very important with respect to the currency in one’s trading account. All you need is to enter basic details like currency pair, trade size and the tool will be able to determine what the value of each pip is.

IronFX Features

IronFX Bonus and Special Promotions

The broker offers many bonuses and promotions to all its customers thereby allowing them to earn money. It offers 100% sharing bonus up to $10,000 and 40% power bonus up to $4,000. There is also a Cash Rebate Bonus plan available where one can get up to $3 on every lot they trade. There is a one-time welcome bonus plan available but only for the newly registered VIP account holders. The broker holds numerous competitions from time to time and you can get a chance to win myriad cash prizes and other superb rewards. If you are lucky, you can get a chance to win a Supercar or cash worth $150,000. There is also a “Refer a Friend” program available where your trading account will be credited with bonus funds if any of your friends or colleagues open a trading account with IronFx. You just need to visit the official website of the merchant from time to time to get access to the latest deals and other offers.

IronFX Customer Service

The most striking part about this particular brokerage firm is its overall customer service. It has a team of highly qualified professionals who have the best knowledge and experience of the market. There are available 24 hours all throughout the business week and are prompt with their replies and suggestions. One can reach the customer care agent through email, requesting a callback and talking with them through toll-free telephone numbers. Video chat feature is missing at the moment and the broker is likely to include this feature in the near future. One gets support in 45 different languages and there is extensive study material offered by the merchant for newbie traders. The broker is also available on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc from where you can get in touch with live conversations and chats with other traders in the industry.

IronFX Forex Broker – Final Verdict

There is no denying the fact that the market is flooded with hundreds of brokers and what separates IronFx with another merchant is its global presence in more than 180 different countries. It is the leader in the market with offices in 60 major nations in the world. Client investments and other funds are completely safe as the money is kept segregated in bank accounts. The overall payment service (deposits and withdrawals) are quick and hassle free in nature. There is no commission or fee charged for the withdrawal requests. At the same time, the platforms offered by the broker are state of the art and comes with sophisticated features so as to provide the best environment to the customer concerned.

The customer service is pretty impressive and there is no delay on the part of the staff when it comes to resolving one’s queries. There is a dedicated FAQ section where one can find the answer to the common questions pertaining to Forex trading. With the demo account feature, one can explore the platform and once you are completely satisfied, you can go further and seek the guidance of the broker for live trading. At the same time, the merchant is completely regulated and there have never been any scandals or scams in the past that you should worry about. Just open a trading account with this broker after you finish reading our IronFX review and catapult your Forex career to greater heights, today itself!!

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