InstaForex Demo Account

InstaForex Demo Account

InstaForex is a top notch Forex broker with international presence and it has got offices in major countries of the world like UK, Canada, Russia, Europe, Australia etc. Its trading platform is extremely versatile in nature and it provides a nice opportunity for the newbie trades to learn the nuances of FX trade. As an individual, they could learn technical and the financial aspects of trading by following the daily market review. However there are some people who are not comfortable trading with real funds initially because either they are no acquainted with the software or lack adequate knowledge of the market. If you are one of those people who like to practice trading without putting your money at risk, then you can opt for InstaForex Demo Account.

Get Access to Real Life Like Trading Environment

This particular account type offers a very good opportunity to understand market and analyze one’s trading skills at no risks. The account is made available to any individual who wishes to become a prospective trader with this broker. They will surely benefit a lot because not only will they undergo real life like trade environment but able to learn a lot of things also. Those people who don’t know how Forex market operates and how to place trades will be able to make a lot of benefit with InstaForex Demo Account. The broker is known for offering one of the best features as per industry standards. You can check it yourself by signing up with the merchant and opening an account without incurring any type of expenses.

Why Opt for InstaForex Demo Account

When you open this account, you will be able to explore different facets of Forex that you would not be familiar earlier. It will help you understand how the market operates and you will become acquainted with the trading platform of the merchant. And the best part is that all of this comes free of cost and you need not have to incur any kind of expenses. With little effort and continuous practice, you will become a confident trader and able to make a lot of money in due course of time. This account is a boon to all the amateur traders and they need to make the best out of this. With continuous trading with this demonstrative account, you will be able to save a lot of time for yourself and make you trade efficient in return.

How InstaForex Demo Account Works

All you need is to sign up with the broker and depositing a minimum of $1. After that you will be provided with an individual account manager to take care of your transactions. You need to contact them and ask them to open your own demo account. The account will be opened in less than 12 hours and become fully operational after that. Virtual money will be added that can be used to not only place trades but for a various other activities like testing the software, trying out the different trading tools and making your own trade strategies. Don’t forget to ask for tips from the account manager while testing the virtual account.

Minimum Deposit Required to Open InstaForex Demo Account

For the InstaForex broker to believe that you are a serious trader and not someone who is passing time, they would require you to provide $1 as initial deposit money. You should know that this money is the lowest minimum deposit that no other merchant would provide in the industry at the present time. The money will be kept untouched and it would not be used for trading. When you open the demo account, you will be provided with virtual money up to $50,000 with an expiry time period of 30 days. You will have unlimited access to the different features offered by the merchant like its interactive educational center equipped with numerous journals, articles and tutorials on FX trading.


If you are looking for virtual trading in Forex, you need to opt for InstaForex Demo Account. It offers the best exposure to this financial industry and you will be able to learn the basics of trading. With this particular account, you should be rest assured that there would be no financial losses because you will be dealing with virtual funds. It is a wonderful opportunity for any individual who want to understand Forex and enhance their own trading skills before they start trading in live market. As a broker, InstaForex offers myriad trading benefits and you could only learn about them once you register an account with them. You are advised to read our expert review of InstaForex to get a better understanding of this particular merchant.


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