IC Markets Withdrawal

IC Markets has been regarded as one of the finest brokers in the Forex industry with hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers all around the globe. Although it was founded in the latter half of 2010, it came into the limelight because of its sheer diligence and ability to do something new. This innovative approach of the broker had taken the entire Forex industry by storm and it continued to rank as one of the top 10 Forex brokers in the recent times. One of the most prized characteristics of this merchant is IC Markets withdrawal. When it comes to selecting a financial broker for online trading, traders always prefer that merchant who has speedy withdrawals without unwanted delays. There are no withdrawal limits with this firm and you can withdraw as much as possible and you can get the money in your bank account in 3-5 business days.

Eligibility Criteria to Follow

Before you can opt for IC Markets Withdrawal, there are few norms and other eligibility criteria that you must fulfil as a trader. The firm follows some strict norms so that withdrawals are carried out without any kind of fraud and the no other person is able to grab hold of your hard earned money. When you opt for a withdrawal request, it is imperative that you must have certain documents ready by your side like for instance identity proof, address proof etc along with the copy of your credit card details if you have chosen it as a part of your payment method. All the requisite documents should be properly scanned and send to the broker via email. It is also important that you must use the same payment gateway for withdrawal that you used for the deposit. Like for instance, if you have deposited money through bank wire, you will have to use the same method for withdrawal also and not any other form of payment.

Time Period of Settlement of Funds

The overall IC Markets withdrawal process is hassle free and there is no lengthy paperwork required. The entire procedure is online and you can complete the procedure in less than 5 minutes without any kind of difficulties. Since the broker makes proper investigation before any withdrawal request is processed, you can expect the money to be processed and transferred to your account within 5 business days. It is to be noted that if you opt for bank wire transfer in order to withdraw funds from your trading account, then it will take some time owing to bank verification process. However, you will get access to your money in 7-10 for wire transfers. For quick settlement of funds, you can opt for eWallet payment process like Skrill or Neteller where funds will be settled in less than 3 business days.


There is one thing to be kept in mind that if you are opting for IC Markets withdrawal for the first time, it will take some amount of time but it will not be an issue later on. The broker is known for its expedite settlement of funds without any delays and this is the reason why the broker has not registered any kind of complaints from customers regarding its payment service. There is one positive aspect with the merchant is that it does not charge any commission for withdrawal which is a common feature with other brokers in the FX industry. You need not have to pay anything to withdraw money from your account which is the USP of this brokerage firm. At any point in time, if you face any kind of difficulties regarding the payment process, there is customer service available where you can address your grievances and get the speedy solution to your problems.

If you want to learn more about the broker, you are recommended to read our thorough and expert review of IC Markets from here. You can even open a demo account with IC Markets and experience its trading account free of cost.


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