IC Markets Mobile Trading

As one of the trusted brokers in the Forex market, IC Markets continues to be one of the top favorites of both amateurs as well as skilled traders. In order to offer a secure platform and good user experience IC Markets, Mobile Trading is available to all the customers irrespective of the account types they own. With the help of this very feature, people concerned will be able to keep proper track of their investments easily with few strokes of their cell-phone buttons at anytime and anywhere. Apart from that, the customer will have access to other trading services like for instance trade related tips from experts, investment guidelines, trading options and lots of other things. So you need not have to be struck with your computer and you can avail this mobile feature to generate profit and make a mark for yourself in the financial industry.

Easily Accessible with Hassle Free Trading On-the-Go!

IC Markets Mobile Trading gives the facility to easily log-in to one’s trading account and monitors all the activities like rising and falling of assets, switching from one trade platform to other etc. The broker is trying its level best to combine all the latest features and remains updated in this regard. This format of trading supports all versions of Android, iOS, and Windows-based cell-phone. At the same time, it is compatible with different kinds of devices like for example iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and others. When you log-in for the first time using the mobile device, you will be asked to give your email address, username and contact details in order to get started. Once it is done, you will need to verify the account and afterward transfer money to it. For verification proofs, you can produce the scanned copy of driving license, identity card or any other utility bills. 

Why Should You Opt for IC Markets Mobile Trading?

In this modern era, everything is changing at a very fast pace and the same goes for technology also. It is making great advancements in many fields and one need to be updated to enjoy its benefits. This format of trading from the cell-phone offers numerous benefits and offers the best returns on investment. Since it does not require the need of any PC or laptop, you will be able to carry your Forex trading from your mobile or tablet PC from any place even while traveling from one place to another. Contrary to web-based trading, you need not have to sit in front of the computer and can make trade decisions even when you are on the go. On the whole, it will make your trading experience look simple and practical.

Ideal for the Newbie Forex Traders Also

If you are someone who is starting Forex for the very first time, then also we would suggest you go for IC Markets Mobile Trading. Once you start using, you will find how easy and graphically intuitive it is. The software has been designed keeping the amateurs in mind and without getting stuck on your PC or desktop; you will be able to manage your trading account in a far better manner on the smartphone device. With just a few stroke of the mobile buttons, you will be able to deposit funds in your trading account and commence investment. Another great thing is that live support is also available if you are facing some sort of troubles. Experienced professionals are always available round the clock to offer technical guidance 24*7.


It is interesting to note that if you want to use IC Markets Mobile Trading, you need not have to download or install anything on your cell-phone device. No plug-ins, programs or software installation is required apart from the mobile app. Just download it and you are ready to start making investments using this broker in FX industry. The best thing is the mobile compatibility because the app works on all popular smartphones and tablet devices without any kind of problems. The app is free of cost and supports all the popular languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish etc. The trading is secure with all the features and services you get using the web-based trade platform. Before you open a trading account with the broker, you are recommended to read our expert review of IC Markets.


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