IC Markets Complaints

The reason being IC Markets is so popular and rated one of the top 10 Forex brokers is because the fact that there is little or no IC Markets Complaints till this time. Until now the merchant has never embroiled itself into any kind of scam and is very committed to offering the best services to its individual customer. If you go online and read the reviews of this brokerage firm, you will be amazed to find that the traders have raised significantly and extolled its overall trading services. Whatever complaints or negative feedbacks if you ever come across are not the least bit genuine. They are actually from hateful traders who could not withstand their loss and have started blaming the broker for their miseries.

Blemish Free Service Since 2007

The broker has been in business in Forex trading since 2007 and with almost 1 decade of blemish free service, you could hardly detect any genuine or serious IC Markets Complaints. Its business has been growing ever since its inception in the FX industry and it has got offices in major countries across the world which are testimonial to its awesome trading features. It is regarded as one of the sought after merchant for those traders who are exploring the financial market for the very first time. The simplicity of its trading platform attracts thousands of eager traders from across the globe and thousands of customers are trading with this merchant on a daily basis.

Best Rated Customer Service

When you start trading online, you will come across many traders who are not satisfied with their Forex broker due to one reason or another. But you will be amazed to find that there are no IC Markets complaints from traders who have joined the business with this merchant. This is something which is very rare and not something that you will come across every day. The reason being it has a dedicated customer support and sophisticated yet simple trading platform to suffice the needs of every aspiring trader. The customer service is very prompt and all the queries are resolved in less than 24 hours. The trading platform sponsors MetaTrader5 which is rated best in the industry and offers the best experience while trading online.


IC Markets is one of those brokers that is trusted, regulated and rated very high amongst its customers. With no IC Markets complaints, you can be rest assured that you will be dealing with a high-class merchant who knows its business perfectly and strives hard so that its traders are able to earn and flourish in the financial market. The features you get to avail are second to none and you would not be crestfallen after opening a trading account with them. There is a demo account feature available where you can sign up with the merchant without investing a dime. If you are not satisfied with the broker, you are free to make a switch without any hassles. But before you do anything further, you are first advised to read our comprehensive IC Markets Forex Broker Review to learn more about the features offered by the broker.


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