HotForex Bonus

HotForex Bonus

HotForex Bonus is one of the most prominent reasons as to why this particular merchant is so popular among the traders. The money is good and works as an added incentive for the aspiring traders to register online and make good money in return. The overall terms and other rules that govern the bonus amount are not very strict. The broker is known for its transparency and the bonus is applied on all types of trading accounts. Unlike any other merchants that requires to meet trading volumes before the bonus money can be withdrawn, there is no such binding with HotForex. You just need to contact the customer executive and the bonus amount will be credited to the trading account in 24 hours.

Different HotForex Bonus Plans

It is one of the most magnanimous brokers in the entire Forex industry that cares about its traders more than anyone else. For this very reason it offers a plethora of plans and other special promotions to its customers from time to time so that they can earn easy money. Some of the different bonus schemes are illustrated below:

  1. SuperCharged Bonus: It is a two tier scheme where individual traders have the opportunity to increase their account leverage and earn generous money in return. You can earn a whopping amount up to $50,000. You can earn daily cash rebates $2 per trade lot. The minimum trade deposit should be $250.
  2. Rescue Bonus: If you are someone who wants to protect your trading account from periods of unwanted breakdown, then this is the ideal bonus plan you can opt for. It is applicable on all deposits more than $50 and you can earn maximum bonus up to 30% or $7000. You can even qualify for additional “Stop Out Bonus” for qualifying accounts.
  3. Credit Bonus: As a registered trader, you get to earn 100% bonus which can be used to increase the trade volumes. The money can only be withdrawn if the trade requirements are met. You will be getting a stipulated time to complete the volume requirements.  

Terms and Conditions Pertaining to HotForex Bonus

It is imperative that as a trader you must be aware of the different legalities pertaining to the bonus and other special promotions offered by the merchant. In this way you will be better informed and prevent yourself from any kind of hassles in the future. The same are discussed under the following headings below:

  • Bonus amount is applicable on Islamic, Currenex, Premium and FIX accounts
  • Leverage on the underlying accounts will prevail under all circumstances
  • The minimum initial deposit should not be less than 250 USD
  • The bonus program can be applied on one account per IP address only
  • The maximum bonus amount claimed is EUR 30,000/USD 50,000
  • Amount can be used to increase leverage but it cannot be lost
  • The bonus credit is particularly for trading purpose and can’t be withdrawn
  • Rebates are calculated on daily basis and credited directly to the trading account


HotForex Bonus is ideal for those types of customers who are hesitant in their approach to start a career in Forex trading. The money is extremely good and can go a long way in motivating one and instils enough confidence to execute successful trades over the period of time. The biggest benefit is that one gets to enjoy the bonus amount by investing a nominal amount which is just $250 for account setup and registration. You are encouraged to open a live account with the merchant to access the aforementioned bonus features. If you still have some doubts in your mind, you are encouraged to read our comprehensive HotForex Broker Review to know more about the broker.



  1. I don’t agree with your statement here. Good or bad broker, they have to compete with well known brokers and that can be hard. The brokers has to offer something extra to take market shares and I don’t think that is wrong. Its also up to the client to accept or decline the bonus program.

    • Thanks a lot for your contribution to our post.


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