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Easy Forex mini logoEasy Forex is a pretty old broker operating in the financial market with over one decade of experience. Since its inception, it has strived hard to offer the best service in terms of reliability and innovation. Beginners who open trading with this merchant will find its trading platform one of the friendliest ones as compared to other brokerage firms in the market. The account set up is done easily and one can opt for Easy Forex withdrawal without any kind of problems. Customers who have had earlier traded with this firm have never experienced any troubles and as a result of which there are no complaints or negative reviews about the broker. In the early years, there were few barriers in terms of fund transfer but all those loopholes are completely taken care of.

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Process of Funds Withdrawal

The overall Easy Forex withdrawal is relatively easy and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the entire process. All you need is to go to the “My Accounts” section of the “Control Panel” where you need to fill an online application by citing relevant details like amount, currency, payment option etc. You just need to supply simple information so that the application can be processed. It is interesting to note that the traders need not have to wait too long because the money is honoured. The broker accepts all the popular modes of payment gateway like for instance debit/credit card, MasterCard, VISA, eWallet, Bank Wire Transfer etc. One should know that the funds are settled quickly in case of eWallet option (1-3 days) but if you choose wire option, you can expect the money to arrive in your bank account in 3-5 business days.

Documentation Required during Easy Forex Withdrawal

Easy Forex - Onine Trading Made EasyWhen you want to withdraw money from your trading account, there are certain rules that need to be followed. You must produce a valid document like for instance ID proof, utility bill or credit card when you fill the online application form. This is a safety measure which is implemented by almost all the brokers in Forex industry to make sure that there are no faulty or wrong withdrawals. It helps to prevent fraud and the broker can be 100% sure that the money is being credited to the correct person. There are other sets of rules that one must follow at the time of withdrawal. If you happen to withdraw the bonus money, your account should have at least 10 times fund of the bonus that you are trying to cash in. Apart from that, the mode of payment for withdrawal and deposit has to be same else the application will be rejected causing unwanted hassles to you.

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It is to be noted that the minimum Easy Forex withdrawal is $100 and not less than that. On the whole, the entire procedure is very easy and there are no strings attached. The broker maintains a high level of secrecy and follows strict verification process so that the funds do not land on the account of the wrong person. How fast your application gets processed depends upon the payment package you opt for. If you opt for Wire transfer, the funds will be settled in 5 days but if you choose eWallet option, you can receive your money within 3 days time. Withdrawing money is safe, easy and transparent. You can learn more about working with the broker by reading our comprehensive review of Easy Forex where you can know about its service conditions, payments, deposits and bonus options.



  1. I wanted to find out more about the broker so I would love to be contacted by a broker to explain for me how the system works in terms of the services like bonus deposits and withdrawals procedure .

    • Hello, thanks a lot for your interest. You may ask us anything you need to learn about Easy Forex via info@top10fx.com e-mail. Thanks


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