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Easy Forex mini logoEasy Forex is an innovative FX merchant which is known for offering a favourable set of trading conditions and a better environment for all its traders. The broker has so much confidence in its service that it offers the lowest fees, hassle free deposit/withdrawal requirements and free demo account so that everyone can trade with Easy Forex without paying any sort of fees up front. This merchant has earned a favourable place in the hearts of rookie as well as skilled traders. All brokers these days maintain a minimum deposit before they can start trading with them in FX industry. If you are one of those people who want to enter into trading terms with this broker and learn about Easy Forex minimum deposit, this post will definitely enlighten you.

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Payment Gateway for Depositing Money with Easy Forex

Easy Forex Minimum Deposit of $25 is required if you want to start trading with this broker. This amount is not very high and is affordable at the same time. The deposit is one of the lowest charged cash amounts in the industry and newbie traders can easily opt for it without burning a hole in their pocket.  At the same time, it enables customers to experience the trading platform of the broker by depositing a very small amount. In order to make the deposit, one can opt for several payment gateways like eWallet, Neteller, Wire Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Credit/Debit Card etc. It is to be noted that the deposit is acknowledged immediately and it is reflected in the trading account of the trader concerned. It is to be noted that this minimum deposit of $25 is meant for Standard account only. For Gold, Platinum and VIP account holders, the minimum deposit is $500, $5000 and $10,000 respectively.

Access Basic Trading Features with Greater Flexibility

Easy Forex - Trade CFDs OnlineBy making Easy Forex minimum deposit, individual traders get to access the basic Forex account type of the merchant. At the same time, the customers are able to get a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to managing one’s trading account and one can deposit as much amount as possible. It is indeed great news for those people who want to add bit by bit to their account or does not want to receive huge income boost all of a sudden. Individual concerned will be able to build their capital slowly as they progress in trading and make a stable career in the long run. One should know that there are no limits or barriers set for maximum deposit and you can deposit as much money as possible. Once you make the deposit, you will be eligible for a Welcome Bonus up to 20% of the deposit money.

Easy Forex Assets


Once you make the Easy Forex minimum deposit, you can start trading in the FX industry and make money in return. You will be able to trade across myriad assets like for instance Forex, Commodities, Equities and Precious Metals. With numerous payment gateways, you can deposit the money with your choice of payment option. The broker accepts the deposit in currencies like US Dollars, GBP and Euros. On the whole, it is a nice and reliable broker that can offer stable and profitable career options in Forex market. If you want to learn more about this merchant, you can read our comprehensive review of Easy Forex and learn how this broker operates in the financial market.


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