Easy Forex Bonus

Easy Forex Bonus

Easy Forex mini logoEasy Forex is a very committed broker and wants to see its registered traders succeed in all aspects of FX trading. Every now and then they come up with nice programs and other innovative features that help traders to make money on a regular basis. All you need is to follow the instructions offered by this broker and it is likely that you will succeed and make an immense profit from this industry. At the same time, the customer service is rated top class and there have never been any complaints from the clients concerned. In order to make things far more interesting, you can avail the features of Easy Forex bonus where handsome money can be made upon initial deposit. Just set up a trading account and you can become eligible for nice cash which is made available in less than 24 hours.

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Great Bonus Options to Choose From

You can access this special promotion where you can earn a bonus up to 20% on initial deposit or $2,000; whichever is maximum. It is a profitable deal where you can access nice money by making a deposit of $25 which is not very high. For profitable opportunity in Forex trading, the broker offers currency trading in USD, GBP, CHY, EUR, RUB, AUD and many others. The trading platform is very innovative which is suited to the need of both experienced as well as newbie customers. Customer support program is very nice where you can interact with the professionals regarding any issues you are facing with the Easy Forex bonus claim and other withdrawal related queries.

Different Types of Easy Forex Bonus Plans

Easy Forex - Onine Trading Made EasyIn order to make its traders earn and make a lot of money, the broker offers myriad plans and deals under its bonus program. There is an option called First Vanilla Options where one can earn up to $200 their first vanilla options trade. If you make proper use of the trading insights and other tools offered by the broker, you can avail bonus up to $2,000. Under Win Again plan you will be offered a risk cover up to $200 and $300 under Free Options guide. It is important that you must visit the official website of the broker at regular intervals of time to keep yourself abreast with the latest plans. In this way, you will be able to make the most out of the opportunity made available to you and you will not be able to miss out any special promotions.

Easy Forex Assets


You should know that the Easy Forex bonus depends on upon the method of trade. Like for instance, if you get a bonus amount of $200 after account registration, you will not be eligible to withdraw the amount. Withdrawal is only possible when your account reaches a total value of 20 times of bonus amount. In this case, it should be at least $4,000 before you can request for the payment. So it is imperative that you must be aware of the terms and conditions so that you don’t have to face the aftershocks later on. On the whole, the bonus and other special promotions offered by the broker is nice and you must make the best out of it. You can read our comprehensive and extensive review on Easy Forex to get more information on this particular merchant.


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