Australian Forex Brokers

Australian Forex BrokersWith the great potential to make money online and a steady career in online trading, Forex offers the best platform to the individual concerned. This is the best destination offering the best environment to trade financial instruments and one can take advantage of myriad trading opportunities. In a relatively short period of time, one can make a lot of money and generate reasonable income according. This format of trading has become so popular that it has attracted people from all over the world for investing in Forex market.

FX trading has a deep impact in several countries of the world and Australia is one of them. A large number of brokers has mushroomed lately that have either office in Australia or accepts traders from this particular continent. If you are one of those people who is looking for Australian Forex Brokers, then this is the best place to start with. Here you will come to know about the best ASIC regulated merchants, how to choose the best brokerage firms and other tips and guidelines for online trading. All your needs will be satisfied over here and you can really boost your financial trading career by opening a Forex account with any of the certified ASIC brokers mentioned below.

Top 3 Australian Forex Brokers: Brief Overview

Forex has become an extremely competitive market lately and a good broker is a prerequisite to emerge as a winner. Given below is a brief overview of some of the top 10 Forex brokers that accept citizens from Australia as a part of online trading.

  • ThinkForex: It is one of the most trustworthy ASIC regulated brokers that was founded in the year 2010 and it has its headquarters based in New Zealand. It offers the sophisticated technology entwined with best customer service that you can expect from any top broker in the industry. It has a bunch of experienced team members that are available round the clock all 6 days a week. The education centre offered by the merchant is pretty comprehensive where one can find online journals, videos and other guides how to trade Forex online. The payment service is also expedited and offers all the popular methods for withdrawals and deposits.
  • IC Markets: Although it is a relatively new broker but there is no comparison with other merchants when it comes to overall trading benefits. Its headquarters are located in New Zealand with offices in major countries around the world. One can open a trading account with $100 which is extremely nominal. Multiple payment options are available for hassle-free deposits and withdrawal of funds from one’s trading account. The trading platform is extremely robust and has been designed keeping the newbie traders in mind. One can trade across myriad financial instruments like Forex, CFD’s, Equities and Commodities.
  • Plus500: It is yet another extremely popular ASIC regulated Forex broker with a broad market base in Australia and in different parts of the world. Its headquarters are located in the UK and one can open a trading account with 100 Euros. Multiple trade accounts are available and customer service is currently available in 2 languages namely English and Arabic. Apart from ASIC, the broker is regulated by other agencies like FCA in the United Kingdom and CySec in Cyprus. The maximum leverage offered is 1:30 with tight spreads and other well-stocked asset indexes. The merchant offers nice special promotions from time to time.

5 Benefits You Can Avail with the ASIC Regulated Forex Brokers

You should know that the brokerage firms mentioned above are rated best in the industry. They have a glorious past with hundreds and thousands of clients all across the globe. At the same time, they are certified by ASIC which means that you can never doubt on their overall reliability. There are numerous benefits you can avail if you open a trading account with any of the brokers mentioned above and some of them are illustrated below:

  • Trustworthiness: These are very honest brokerage firms that have never embroiled themselves with any kind of online scam or scandal. Customers have never complained about the overall service which goes a long way in deciding the overall authenticity of the individual broker.
  • Network: These brokers have a wide network which means that you will get access to myriad features. You would not be the frog in the well but you will be able to explore yourself in a vast ocean of financial market.
  • Proficiency: The best way to analyse a merchant is the appraisals it has received from prospective clients. As far as these brokers are concerned, they are the best and received favourable ratings from customers and other traders.
  • Payment: They offer myriad options for withdrawals and deposits across numerous alternate delivery channels like wire transfer, credit card, MasterCard, Visa etc. All the payments are processed quickly and are secured with multiple layer socket technology to avoid any kind of online fraud.
  • Platform: These brokers offer the best trading platforms like MetaTrader4 that offers hassle fee trading with the best exposure to the online market. Even a novice will be able to trade easily and it offers an interactive interface and other trading tools with charts and graphs.

How to Identify the Best Australian Forex Broker?

If you are looking forward to a profitable career in FX trading, then there are certain aspects you should be aware of. It is an extremely volatile market that changes dynamically at random intervals of time. In order to trade well and emerge as a winner, it is imperative that you should be having a guarding angel by your side. In order words, a best ASIC regulated broker would serve the role because it would not only protect you from the market getting flattening out but help you understand the industry as well. There are certain characters and traits you should look for when you are searching for a broker and some of the important guidelines are enumerated below:

  • The broker should have complete and deep knowledge about currency pairs, interest rates, different trading methods etc. It should be able to provide knowledge with the aforementioned technical jargon so that you are able to know the market properly.
  • You need to do some background checking of the merchant concerned. Get online and read the Forex broker reviews online and learn about what other clients and customers have to say about the overall services and other trading features. In this way, you will have a clear picture of the firm with which you would like to get into the trade.
  • The brokerage firm should be able to proper risk management so that you are able to trade properly without batting an eyelid. In this way, you will be able to keep potential losses at bay and make great profits in return. Make sure that your broker is able to provide this particular feature.
  • The merchant should be able to provide you with a demo account. This is a virtual account that does not require any money to trade Forex. It is a good way to get oneself accustomed to the trading platform. You will be able to know whether the broker is good and will it be able suited to your trading interests and other strategies.
  • Pay extreme attention to the terms and conditions for the online trading. It will help you to read between the lines and prevent yourself from any sort of hassles in the near future. You should discuss the charges, commission and other fees in order to avoid any kind of conflict between the broker and trader.


The world of Forex trading is a continuously evolving market and it is extremely fast. No matter how long you have been in business or you are starting out just now, the importance of broker can never be expressed in words. When you have a trustworthy and legitimate broker by your side, half the battle is almost won and you just need to focus on trading strategy only. It is imperative that you must be able to do your research at your end and arrive at a broker after that. Open a demo account and see if you are comfortable with the trading platform then you can go ahead and open a live account with them.

If you are looking for a genuine Australian Forex Broker, then this is the best place to start with. You can open a trading account with any of the merchants mentioned in the chart above. These are one of the finest merchants in the industry and easily accepts Australian residents for FX trading. You can then set on your journey of online trading and you will get potentially greater returns in a short period of time. A broker will teach you how to stride forward in this financial market, exactly the same thing the top FX traders did when they started for the first time. So sign up today and buck yourself for a lucrative career in FX market!